Karnataka man’s stunt with cobras ends in a mishap


Maaz Sayed, a snake enthusiast from Sirsi in Karnataka was shown doing a stunt with three snakes that ended in a mishap when one of the cobras attacked him.  

Other wildlife experts on seeing the filmed handling of three cobras by Sayed, have described it as a “horrific” manner of treating the serpents. In the video, Sayed can be seen pulling at their tails, crouching in front of them  and moving his hands about, all of which are gestures that the cobras naturally perceived as threatening and hence reacted aggressively. 

Sayed’s YouTube channel is also full of similar videos  wherein his most recent stunt ended on a terrifying note when one of the cobras suddenly struck him badly.The video gone viral online shows the snake lunging at him and biting his knee. The reptile refuses to let go even as the shocked stuntman tries pulling away.

Sharing the viral video on Twitter, Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda has criticised the snake handler in the tweet:

 “This is just horrific way of handling cobras…The snake considers the movements as threats and follow the movement. At times, the response can be fatal,” he wrote.

Priyanka Kadam, President and Founder of Snakebite Healing and Education Society has shared in a Facebook post that reveals Sayed had to be hospitalized after the cobra bit him. He reportedly received 46 vials of anti-venom after his stunt went wrong.

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