AAP Gujarat invites Hardik Patel to party amid rift in Congress


Amid rumours of Gujarat Congress Working President Hardik Patel quitting the party over infighting in the party, Aam Aadmi Party Gujarat chief Gopal Italia on Friday invited him to join a “like-minded party” like his and said that Congress would not have a place for the dedicated people like Patel.

Speaking to ANI, the AAP state chief said, “If Hardik Patel is not liking in Congress, he should join a like-minded party like AAP. Instead of complaining to Congress, wasting his time, he should contribute here… A party like Congress would not have a place for dedicated people like him.”

However, Patel has refuted the rumours of him leaving the party stating that he will give 100 per cent for Congress.

“I have given my 100 per cent to Congress till now, and will give the same in the coming days. We will do better development in Gujarat. There will be small fights and blame games within the party, but we have to work together to make Gujarat a better place,” Patel said.

Patel added, “If speaking truth is a crime, consider me guilty. The people of Gujarat have expectations from us, we have to stand up to them.”

Hardik Patel emerged as the leader of the Patidar agitation demanding reservation for the community in Gujarat in 2015 and later joined Congress.

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