About Nusify

Nusify Media is an Entertainment page/platform designed to educate, promote arts and entertainment and to provide an inside look into the lifestyles of people from different creative fields with the aim of connecting people from all around the world. Nusify is an Internet Based Media company that brings to you Viral content and images along with important news stories. Since its inception in 2016, our company keeps its visitors updated on all things popular and interesting.

We have been committed to easing access to news stories by sharing, posting and publishing all the big and noteworthy content, both from national and international forums. Along with biographies of upcoming celebrities, entertainment news and stories on latest technology we offer information on business, sports and health.

We deliver latest gossip from both Bollywood and Hollywood, updates on movie releases, reviews, scandals and etc. We provide news about the latest technology and software that is making news, emphasizing on the availability of the most helpful and stress-free ones in market. News relating to business houses highlighting the trending business stories and current day business scenarios along with tips and tricks are featured.

We also bring the latest reports, analyses and evaluations of important matches and bring to focus important sports stories. Besides all of the above an additional section posts health related matter, with the latest studies, recommendations of healthy diets and recipes. All the articles and features are picked out to address important concerns and questions of the people.

In this fast growing world, it is difficult to keep up with the dizzying speed, a thousand events, happenings and newsworthy stories. With as many options as the newsworthy events, an increasing labour at locating the stories and following them up is noticeable. We aim at bringing a platform that offers all information and news conveniently. This is the precise motive of Nusify; it hopes to scale down complications and improvise easy access.

And in order to achieve that we not only attempt at bringing good content together but ensure the content includes important solution-based articles. While we confirm a quick and rapid exchange, authenticity will also be priority.  Verified content will be aimed at being made increasingly available. As an online portal, notifications make immediate access easily available. And in order to follow up stories a chronological pattern of news features and information will be made available. This easy access to news stories along with important information is the central vision of the company.

In order to achieve our vision, we hope to bring about latest news, videos and images that is more authentic and from all corners of the world. The motivation has been to create a virtual portal bringing News, information and knowledge together under one roof. To make access handy, by being a suppliant not only of news but of ideas and facts; to make the pursuit for investigating the truth easier and plausible.  We hope to attain excellence in bringing reliable, dependable and trustworthy content. The mission of our company is to expand the Network with visitors, readers and news providers. We hope for the content to provoke empathetic and rational thought. We hope this will help in social growth and mental stimulation of society and therefore bring forth vital discursive content.