Google Photos getting a redesign with these new features


One of the most handy apps for storing photos and videos is Google Photos that lets users check, update, delete and edit their photo collected over the years while on the go.

Like other similar apps, Google Photos updates from time to time for adding on new features.

A latest report by the Android Police has detailed that another update is underway with expected changes in the upcoming weeks.

Here are a few upgrades that users can expect in Google Photos:

  • According to the report, Google is redesigning its Library tab so that users can get a clean and tidy interface. The tabs will not anymore be across the top of the screen and to ensure easy filtering of images, it will be situated at a convenient location on the screen. 
  • Users will also be able to change the view to albums, shared albums, favourites with only one tap. 
  • The new Google Photos update is mainly concerned with giving users easy sorting options.
  • Further, the Sharing tab on Google Photos screen is also undergoing a few upgrades. Currently, the Sharing presents only a single list that contains all the shared links, albums and conversations. As per the new update, these sections will get their respective distinct groups making it easier for users to view or browse or share through them.
  • The Library tab is set to get a new button for importing physical as well as digital images and videos.

An additional feature on the Google Photos update is a new page that will assist users to transfer photos from Facebook, iCloud and digital cameras. User will be enabled to add them from local storage or simply scan them from their smartphones or other external disks and cameras.

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