How to check internet speed from Google homepage?


Internet speed is the most vital condition for having work done be it a work-from-home setting or an office, or even an online class. It is usually one of the first things one does after signing in to their web browsers, running a speed test. 

What is Internet Speed Test?

An internet speed test helps users understand that the connection is fluctuating as per server traffic. It assists users who are online by showing them the download and upload speeds on the particular device. Another big help it offers is that users can measure the latency.

Where can I check Internet Speed?

There are several of websites and even phone apps that helps users perform speed test but the one offered by Google is most reliable in terms of easy access and understanding.

Google has recently partnered with Measurement Lab (M-Lab) for running speed test. By running this test, over 40 MB of data can get transferred depending on the connection speed of the user. Mobile data charges can also apply when running this internet speed test.

How can I check Internet Speed through Google?

For running the internet speed test, users should be connected to M-Lab and the IP address is shared and processed as per their privacy policy to denote the connection speed. One can run the internet speed check on Google by following these steps:

  1. Open on any web browser of a PC, tablet or smartphone
  2. Now, search ‘Run Speed Test’ through the search bar
  3. In your search results, you will be able to see an ‘Internet speed test’ dialogue box tha reads “Check your Internet speed in under 30 seconds. The speed test usually transfers less than 40 MB of data, but may transfer more data on fast connection”
  4. Click on the RUN SPEED TEST button situated below the box
  5. After pressing the button, you’d be able to see a pop-up where Google shows you the results

Why M-Labs Google speed test?

Unlike others on the web, M-Lab conducts the speed test to publicly publish all test results for promoting internet research. The published information includes IP address and test results of the user but it doesn’t include any other information about your individual user profile or your usages as an Internet user.

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