How to fix wrong addresses displayed on Google Maps


Google Maps is our go-to buddy for all address hunting and locations confusions but what if Google Maps end up increasing your confusion? Most of you who are fans of Michael Scott will know this is true, prompting us to guide you in today’s article on how to fix a wrong address displayed on Google Maps. Read on.

For misrepresentation and inaccuracy issues, Google enables its user to easily add or edit addresses in the Maps. 

Here’s all Google lets its users edit publicly on Google Maps:

  • Add new addresses to old businesses, locations
  • Add mailing addresses wherever the exact Street number or other details are missing
  • Adjust pin locations
  • Edit Addresses in Google Maps
  • Fix the exact point where packages or mails can be delivered
  • Improve the geographic precision of an area on the map

Here are the simple steps to fixing wrong addresses on Google Maps via your PC/Laptop:

  1. Open Google Maps on your web browser
  2. Search for an address from the search bar placed at the top left corner of the website
  3. On the left side of the page, look for the location section
  4. Inside the location section, click on ‘Suggest an edit’
  5. When you click on ‘Suggest an edit’, you will see 2 options – click on ‘Change name or other details’ option
  6. Now, make the desired edit by filling in the details of your correct address or location
  7. Finally, click on ‘Post’

Here are the easy steps to fix wrong addresses on an iPhone or an Android smartphone:

  1. Open Google Maps on your smartphone
  2. Search for the particular address
  3. Tap on the location and then swipe up
  4. Now, tap on ‘Suggest an edit’
  5. From the given options, tap on ‘Change name or other details’
  6. Now, you can make the desired change in the address of the location
  7. When you are done, click on ‘Post’, and you are done.

Besides the above, if you have found a severely misrepresented location on Google Maps, you can flag a request to the local government agency or police station, informing them to fix multiple addresses through the Geo Data Upload tool. Why ordinary individuals like us cannot carry out this particular task is because to do so, the specific agency or body needs to meet Google’s partnership and content requirements.

However, if you are not linked to any such organization or are unable to approach one, you can suggest an edit, and once it is found helpful, it will be approved and updated on the Google Map. Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation tools globally and the most frequently used locator app everyone is familiar with. Even e-commerce businesses thrive on Google Maps for accurate locations of product delivery addresses, and food apps totally count on the platform for their minute-to-minute delivery queries. But sometimes, even the best goes wrong when an old address has moved somewhere else, thus creating hassles for the user on the go. For then, you can refer to the most suitable from the above

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