Know the top Tech Stocks to become a Tech Millionaire


As the stock market tides and ebbs, we have compiled a list of best tech investments at the moment if you are a serious investor looking to multiply your rewards.

Tech investors who are looking towards stability in investments, can utilize these technology stocks to drive sufficient profit in their digital wallets with huge potentials of becoming a tech millionaire in the nearby future. All you need is constant advancements in tech products and services.

  1. Mandiant, Inc.

Current price: US$22.30

Market cap: US$5.22 billion

Mandiant, Inc. is a popular cyber defense solutions firm that works through the Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform to deliver intelligence, automation, alert investigation services and so on. The platform also includes a multi-vendor XDR platform, Mandiant consulting services, Mandiant Academy, etc.

2. TD SYNNEX Corp.

Current price: US$103.56

Market cap: US$9.88 billion

TD SYNNEX Corp. is one of the most well known tech stocks that offer business process services through the distribution of PC systems, printers, and various consumer electronics. It also has systems design and integration solutions, software, cloud services, and so on.

3. Avnet, Inc.

Current price: US$42.15

Market cap: US$4.17 billion

Avnet, Inc. is another tech solutions company having two segments of electronic components and Farnell. Both the segments offer semiconductors, technical design solutions, technical education, and much more for fintech and edtech industries across the globe.

4. Western Digital Corp.

Current price: US$50.70

Market cap: US$15.89 billion

Western Digital Corp. develops as well as sells data storage devices like client devices, HDDs, and SSDs. This tech company deals in a wide range of product portfolios including gaming consoles, flash-based memory wafers, etc.

5. Concentrix Corp.

Current price: US$194.60

Market cap: US$10.18 billion

Concentrix Corp. is one of the top tech stocks that offer tech-based customer experience solutions like CX process optimization, data analytics, front-office and back-office automation, etc. for target audiences among consumer electronics, e-commerce, health insurance companies.

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