Little girl wears makeup to resemble her pet dog


The internet is overwhelmed as a little girl is seen showering affection towards her pet dog Francisco by dressing up like it.

A video that shows the child doing her makeup so that she can resemble her pet has won major love online.

The little girl’s cheeks and nose appear white in colour while her eyes, the tip of her nose and lips are painted black. The video continues showing the girl intensely engaged in wearing the makeup as her mother says (according to subtitles) “Why are you wearing that makeup?” 

To this, the girl replies, “Because I want to look like my dog.” The camera then pans to show the kid’s four-legged canine friend, Francisco, who looks quite dazzingly puzzled.

Watch the video here:

The video has gathered over 3.4 lakh likes since it was first shared 9 hours ago. Netizens have found the little girl’s action highly adorable with comments pouring in like:

 “The likeness is uncanny!!!! Which one is Francisco?????” 

“Super funny but LOVE is real though!” 

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