Naver Webtoon launching DC Comics’ superheroes new comics ‘Zatanna’ and ‘Vixen’


Naver announced on April 8 that its subsidiary Naver Webtoon will launch three new original series using DC Comics’ IP (Intellectual Property Rights) starting next month.

This collaboration is part of Naver Webtoon’s ‘Super Casting’ projects, which creates webtoons and web novels based on Naver Webtoon’s original IPs.

Earlier, Naver Webtoon launched ‘Batman: Wayne Family Adventure’ with DC in September last year. The webtoon’s English service gained huge popularity, surpassing 500,000 subscribers in a week. Currently, it is being serviced in eight global platforms of Naver Webtoon and has exceeded 40 million views.

Naver Webtoon has agreed to release new series with DC Comics. It will launch a webtoon dubbed ‘Vixen: NYC,’ which depicts the story of DC’s female superhero ‘Vixen,’ on Never Webtoon English service on the 26th (local time).

In the second half, Naver Webtoon will unveil two more DC Comics series, ‘The Red Hood: Outlaws’ and ‘Zatanna & The Ripper.’

Through the collaboration, the partnership between the two companies is expected to further expand. DC has successfully expanded its IP content business with Naver Webtoon, which has the world’s largest number of global users and excellent production capabilities among webcomic platforms

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