Pune Police gives a witty turn to Pradeep Mehra’s viral running video


As Pradeep Mehra’s running video becomes sensationally viral on social media, even Pune Police has joined the bandwagon through a witty meme.

The 19-year-old Pradeep has impressed people while capturing running at midnight by filmmaker Vinod Kapri, where he explained that its is a regimen that he religiously follows everyday for fulling his goal to join the armed forces. 

The Maharashtra Police has given yet another meaningful twist to this trending viral video with a warning message for people against scammers.

In their latest post on cyber security, the Pune cops use an image of Mehra running on, as filmmaker Vinod Kapri offers to give him a lift. The police force wrote on Twitter:

“You when a telecaller calls you asking for your OTP,” along with a creative hashtag, “Run Towards Safety”

Pradeep has also retweeted the meme, with caption “Awareness is important.”

As police forces around the world have a serious image, this latest post has broken away to show their lighter side while educating the public. 

Twitterati soon poured love on how the police have used his image, including Kapri whose original video had brought the boy into limelight.

After becoming an overnight internet sensation, Pradeep has admitted it has become “overwhelming” and he has requested people to let him focus on his dream.

“Mehnat jo honi hai na meri, woh sunsaan mein honi chahiye, kamiyabi ki honi chahiye shor (My success should make noise, my hard work should be done quietly),” the boy told Kapri in his car in a new video.

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