Rahul Gandhi attacks Facebook calling it ‘danger to democracy’


Amid ongoing allegations of spreading hate speech and violence against the social media giant Meta (formerly Facebook), Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has attacked the popular platform alleging it is “worse for democracy”.

Rahul Gandhi has shared a compilation of news reports on his Twitter profile, accusing Facebook of helping the BJP reach out to voters during the elections in instances of misinformation, hate speech and insitgation to violence.

Gandhi posted a report of Al Jazeera and The Reporters’ Collective that discuss how Facebook had offered BJP cheaper deals for election advertisements in compaison to other political parties.

In the Lok Sabha last week during her zero hour mention, Congress president Sonia Gandhi has urged the government on to put an end to the alleged “systematic interference” of Facebook and various other social media giants in India’s electoral politics, accusing it to be “beyond partisan politics.”

“We need to protect democracy and social harmony regardless of who is in power,” Sonia Gandhi said.

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