Russian invasion of Ukraine stalled at all fronts, says UK Ministry


The United Kingdom has stated on Thursday that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been stalled on all fronts, adding that Russian forces had made about minimal progress on land, sea and air. 

The British Defence Ministry through a series of tweets has implied the above, one of those being:

 “Russian forces have made minimal progress on land, sea or air in recent days, and they continue to suffer heavy losses.” 

The Ministry further said that Ukrainian resistance ‘remains staunch and well-coordinated’ and a huge majority of Ukrainian territories, including all major cities, are in hands.

The British government this week said that it would provide Kyiv with high-velocity anti-aircraft missile systems including other military aid for helping Ukraine fight against Russian forces. 

The decision was sounded publicly after an emergency meeting of NATO defence chiefs. 

Ukraine has also been promised $800 million in defence aid from the United States.

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