The Muslim Zone iOS App is quickly taking over by storm


This isn’t your regular Islamic application. Following the UX configuration process, this application was structured by consolidating Islamic practices with profitability highlights to convey a custom and consistent experience dependent on your remarkable way of life. 

Practices of Islam
Enhance the 5-pillar exercise every day. Get updates for prayer times, day-long inspirational reminders, read or listen to the Quran, learn new duas, offer charity and much more..


Set your expectations for the day, chart your success, figure out where you can change, all custom-made for you. Continue to evolve without being overwhelmed.

Adapted to your needs
Customize alerts such as Adhan times and Adhan sounds. Dua Times and Dua Sound. Get relevant reminders and inspiration based on your lifestyle. Save your favorite tools and discover new ones.

With recent statistics, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Muslim zone app is becoming increasingly famous globally. Muslims worldwide are readily downloading the application onto their smartphones and using its features to the best of their advantage.

Words fall short in praising the magnificence of the versatile options it provides to Muslims all over the world. From offering accurate Azan Timings, to find the nearest Halal restaurant if you are traveling abroad, no aspect of a Muslim’s life is ignored, enabling it to become everyone’s favorite download.

Loads Of Iconic Features
Some iconic features have been added to keep a track of your daily Islamic practices. The productivity feature helps you set goals for yourself. The Islamic practices feature reminds you to offer your prayers throughout the day.

A number of Duas are presented that you can recite any time of the day. Also, you can customize certain features of the app, like set Azan timings and Azan sounds, Dua timings and Dua Sounds. These features, along with many others, are the reasons behind the unparalleled success of the app.

Muslim Zone App Features.
Accurate Prayer Timings,
Quran, Near-by Mosque, Tasbeeh Counter, Qibla Directions, Hijri Converter, Calendar with event details, Health Care, Muslim Names, 99 Names of Allah, Near-by Halal Restaurants, Community, Duas, Blood Donations, Live Holy Places, Muslim News and much more…

What Do the Numbers Say?
It is roughly estimated that nearly millions of people across the equators have made the Muslim Zone app their new best friend. A downloading frenzy has led to the conclusion that Muslims love their religion dearly and want to be in constant access to the recitation of the Holy Quran on the phone. What better way than to just pick up your phone and listen to the soothing recitation of Quranic Verses.

A survey revealed that the Islamic app was downloaded by at least five to ten thousand people daily during the Holy month of Ramazan. Out of these numbers, 70 percent of the users actively used the feature for Azan timings, making it the most used Islamic application of that month. 

A Gift for Muslims Living Abroad
Massive appreciation was garnered from our Muslim brothers and sisters residing in foreign countries, where their ears strive to listen to the Azan being said in a Mosque. Muslim Zone app differs from its counterparts as the developers have made countless efforts to make it thoroughly accurate. This aspect alone is one of the most substantial reasons why such a downpour of downloads was evident.

People love it as it is compatible with any devices of apple, and the application can be easily downloaded onto it. Although there are plenty of other available applications, the Muslim Zone app has gained a recognition that none of its counterparts can enjoy. The Qibla direction feature is used the most as people who are traveling are in need of it the most.

Muslim Zone App Is Only Getting Better
It has managed to overcome a variety of barriers in the quest for pleasing the Muslim community. Investment of time and exertions has led the developers to create a tool that has beautifully nullified the hurdles of technology and language, making it the most famous download of the year. 

The developers are continually reviewing their struggles to add new features and modify existing ones to further extend the reach of the Muslim Zone app. The love and appreciation it has earned over a few years are evident in the amount of Muslims who are using it daily. The emergence of this software has enabled Muslims to enjoy a strong cultural and social position while living abroad.