US journalist killed amid Russia-Ukraine conflict


News agency AFP reported that a US journalist has been shot dead in Irpin after confirmation from local medics. A volunteering surgeon for the Ukrainian territorial defence, Danylo Shapovalov, has said that American journalist Brent Renaud died instantly after being shot in the round of shelling. Two other journalists have been reported to be injured and are hospitalised, the Kyiv Independent informed.

According to the Kyiv-based news website, the US journalist Brent was a New York Times contributor but was not officially on assignment in the Ukrainian territories.

In response, the New York Times has tweeted:

“We are deeply saddened to hear of Brent Renaud’s death. Brent was a talented filmmaker who had contributed to the New York Times over the years. Though he had contributed to The Times in the past (most recently in 2015), he was not on assignment for any desk at the Times in Ukraine. Early reports that he worked for Times circulated because he was wearing a Times badge that had been issued for an assignment many years ago.”

The US journalist’s death comes amid ferocious fighting between the Russian Army and Ukrainian forces underway for the last 17 days. At least 35 deaths and 134 injured were reported early March 14 after rocket attacks were witnessed on a Ukrainian military base in Lviv. According to the Ukrainian officials, many of the 50 rockets fired by the Russian forces had been intercepted before they hit the targets.

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