What is Tata Coin and how to invest in it?


TATA Coin has made its way to the headline after it has seen an increase in the price by more than 1200 percent, rising from US 0.008 dollars on March 5 to US 0.24 dollars on March 6 as per the data provided by CoinMarketCap, the world’s most referenced cryptocurrency price tracking website. 

The TATA coin is listed on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and is a community-driven cryptocurrency. For a relatively unknown cryptocurrency standing at 0.09 US dollars with a market capitalization of US 718,300 dollars is certainly a big deal.

Like many other cryptocurrencies currently available in the market, TATA Coin is also a decentralized one, which means any individual entity or organization can control this cryptocurrency. The aim of this decentralized crypto coin is to promote a decentralized environment for conducting payments and to build a cross-border payment system for different organizations and multinational corporations. TATA coin aims to become the world’s most safe and secure cryptocurrency to be utilized as a payment system.

The features of the TATA coin

The coin is reposing on other blockchain companies like Ripple, which wants to look after systems that can support international transactions without the support of intermediaries that helps in assimilating the transactions.

The focus of TATA coin is to make international payment faster, secure, easier, and, most importantly, cheaper.

TATA coin is also limited in terms of supply. Therefore, it can also be operated in the form of a hedge against aggrandizement. In that case, a lot of organizations can consider this cryptocurrency as a store of value which is similar to the way we use Gold in terms of finance. 

The maximum supply of TATA coins will be no more than a million coins, and nobody from any organization or community can alter this condition or feature. But this particular feature of the TATA coin also separates it from the likes of Gold and any other precious metals that can show volatility in terms of price. 

When it comes to precious metals like Gold, as the price of the metal increases, the severity of the mining also increases and in this way, the value of the metal also comes down rapidly. There are also future plans regarding this coin. A decentralized SWAP exchange platform will be created in the future where the TATA coin will be used as the gas and based asset in the platform.

Without any central authority, how the community controls the TATA coin?

In general, the users that have the most coins are the de facto controllers of any decentralized cryptocurrency. To address this issue, developers usually hold most of the coins in order to exercise their decision over the cryptocurrency. However, when it comes to the TATA coin, the developers of the cryptocurrency do not possess any number of coins at all. That is the reason why they do not have any authority over this particular coin. 

TATA Coin has 100 percent public liquidity.

The network details of the TATA coin

The TATA coin is a BEP-20 token in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. In the Binance Smart Chain, to maintain the security of the ecosystem, 21 new validators are chosen every 24 hours for verification. The BSC also uses the Proof-of-Stake mechanism to ensure the validators of the transactions and add them to the blockchain system.

Should you consider investing in the TATA coin?

If you are already well acquainted with the cryptocurrency market, then you already know that it is entirely impossible to predict the trajectory of the crypto market and the price of any crypto coin. For example, a lot of coins saw a huge increase in their price last year, but within a short span, the price became “normal”. Right now, the ultimate nature of any cryptocurrency is its volatility, that is why the TATA coin may seem like a good investment opportunity, but within a few hours, things can take a “not suitable” turn.

Also, in the sea of decentralized cryptocurrencies and alternative cryptocurrencies, the TATA coin is just a small fish. Currently, the rank of TATA coin on the website of CoinMarketCap is at 2,953.

With that being said, the investment you are making in the world of cryptocurrencies is entirely dependent on the technology and concept behind the coin. Therefore if you want to invest in this decentralized coin, then make sure you have researched enough about this coin and the potential and future it holds.

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