While resolving a couple’s fight, Swiggy executive ends up thrashing the woman


According to multiple media reports and twitter threads a couple was quarrenling in front of the Indra Gandhi park of Odisha’s Bhubaneswar and the situation took a complicated turn when a Swiggy food delivery executive while trying to stop the fight ended up beating the woman. 

Two videos of the couple’s quarrel have become viral in the social media. One of the videos shows the woman abusing the man (her lover or partner) and in another video the food delivery executive can be seen beating the woman. 

The people gathered around the incident started recording the couple’s quarrel because of which the woman started getting agitated and tried to snatch off the phones of the nearby people. In the video clip it can be seen that a woman is beating her lover while claiming that he is cheating on her with another woman but has promised to marry the girl.

While the incident was taking place a food delivery executive stopped and tried to pacify the whole situation. He tried to stop her from using foul language but instead received a slap from her. Losing his cool the guy immediately started thrashing the woman in front of everyone but then other people intervened and stopped the guy from hitting her further.

None of them have lodged any police complaint yet but the DCP of Bhubaneswar has instructed the officials of the nearby police station to register a case against both the parties.