YouTube Health to get two new features in India


With Google adding newest features, looking for health topics on YouTube has become easier for Indian users. The new features, called health source information panels and health content shelves will help users to access videos from reliable and verified sources on the platform. For Indian users, these videos will be accessible in both English and Hindi languages.

What are the newly added Health features on YouTube?

YouTube is set to roll out two new features to ease user’s search for correct medical information and diagnosis. The two features are:

  1. Health Information Panels

  1. Health Content Shelves

How will the new YouTube Health features work?

  1. Health Information Panel – The newly added health source information panels will be providing context for helping viewers to identify videos from reliable sources. These ‘health labels’ will be showing up under videos from accredited health associations and bodies including government entities, wherein users can evaluate them as per their needs to distinguish credible content from thousands of other unreliable health tips circulating on YouTube.
  2. Health Content Shelves – Health content shelves are devised to effectively highlight videos from authoritative sources once a user searches for specific topics on health. For instance, one can search particular health conditions like liver ailments, lung cancer, etc., following which, a new content shelf on the search will help surface videos related to the relevant query. These shelves are added for visually separating and highlighting authoritative and reliable health videos on the search.

The new changes on YouTube health comes after the video platform’s partnership with leading health organizations like Max Healthcare and Apollo Hospitals, as well as clinicians, doctors and medics.

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